Ambrosio Chains

Lightweight chains compatible with Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram, 8/9/10 speed gear systems.

Everest 10 speed hollow pin chain silver 114L

Everest 10 speed chain, silver 114L

Silver 10 speed chain S10CR compatible with Shimano CN7800/6600/6603 Campagnolo power min 250kg -

9 speed chain silver/grey no.92 compatible with Shimano CN7701, HG93, HG53, HG73 ans Campagnolo C9. 114L -

7/8 speed chain vg50 grey/brown 114L. Compatible with Shimano HG7401/HG90/HG50 pin power 180kg min strength av 1050kg

1/8" track chain